Essay Writing Guide From Our Experts

An essay comes as an essential part of educational program. Students may be assigned to write a high-quality paper as a part of their lecture course or compensation of exam on various subjects and disciplines. Some of you may consider this particular type of assignment rather easy as you are supposed to choose any topic you like on the subject. On the other hand, some face difficulties when it comes to structure and volume of the future paper. Benefit from our writing tips and college essay guidelines that will certainly come in handy whenever you want to complete the task by yourself. is a full-scale service provider whenever you need assistance with any type of academic assignment.

Essay Structure

Essay papers actually have a similar structure in spite of their topic and subject they cover. Introduction is the first and foremost stage of your paper, as you sometimes are not obliged to proceed with the title page and the outline. Numerous essay writing guidelines for students available in the web reveal the main purpose of the introduction.

The main idea is to introduce your own position and opinion on the topic. The introduction contains a strong thesis statement also known as the argument. Every essay should start with a “hook”. The mission of the hook is to attract attention of the reader and capture it till the last line of your essay. Amazing statistics or interesting quotations can be a good part of your introduction paragraph to grab the attention.

Essay guidelines for colleges recommend paying a lot of attention to the introduction paragraph is it comes as the “face” of your paper. Present your position and idea you are going to discuss further and make readers involved. Avoid using passive voice and I/My.

Body Paragraphs

Body paragraphs are the heart of your essay featuring the main content. They traditionally have a similar structure aiming on spelling out examples and details on the topic and support your ideas with thesis and argumentations.

The first paragraph is the most important one. It should reveal the most overwhelming and significant examples. Pay attention to the first sentence of the paragraph. It should be related to the main idea of the essay stressing the topic. Avoid using one-sentence body paragraphs citing historical figures. You are not supposed to be too general. Keep an eye on details, statistics, researches and other data that reveals the problem. Keep in mind that you need to tie things together and link your every paragraph with logically connected sentences.

The Importance of Transitions

You have certainly come across such term as “transition” while looking for the most efficient essay guidelines. These phrases come as essential helpers for writing a paper. They guide the reader through your work pointing out where one thing is over and another begins.

Though called “a conclusion” and considered as the end of the paper, this paragraph is actually the second introduction. Avoid writing it in the finishing manner and introducing as the afterthought. Keep the reader interested in the topic. Don’t forget about the reference list in the alphabetic order arranged in a proper formatting style indicated in the instructions.

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